homewavAttorneys may now conduct non-monitored, non-recorded attorney/client visits via Homewav, the jail’s video visitation provider. These will be visits that attorneys can conduct remotely with their clients by use of the attorney’s iPad, tablet, computer or other electronic device. Keep in mind that, for the time being, although the visits will not be monitored or recorded, they will not be completely private, meaning that others within the inmate’s pod that happen to be standing around may be able to overhear what is said. This is because, at this point in time, the Homewav visitation kiosks are not enclosed but, rather, a standing unit in each of the pods. If these visitations gain traction with counsel, there is a possibility that the Sheriff’s Office will look at adding additional kiosks and then also enclosing some kiosks for full privacy in the pods for the attorney-client video visitations. At this point, the goal is to add some accessibility for attorneys to contact their clients housed in our facility, particularly in the early stages of the case.

In order to register for this service, the attorney of record may go to www.homewav.com and register as a visitor. Once registered, it will ask the attorney to identify a contact/inmate. In doing so, the attorney should identify his/her relationship to the contact as “Legal Counsel”. This will then be forwarded to jail administration for approval and the attorney should be notified via email if that status is approved or denied. Once approved, the attorney and client may conduct non-recorded, non-monitored remote visitation. During those visits, a message is displayed reminding the attorney that the session is NOT being recorded or monitored. The approval process must be done for each inmate client for the attorney so that it can be verified that the attorney is visiting in the legal counsel capacity and not as a personal friend or otherwise. If the attorney wants to visit with an inmate that is not his/her client, the attorney should indicate the proper relationship when adding that specific contact. Those visits will be monitored and/or recorded. Once approved, attorneys that desire to conduct a video visit will need to contact Colleen Herbst in Jail Administration to schedule a date and time.

Also, please note that court-appointed counsel will not be charged for these visits. However, all other legal counsel will be required to pay the $0.15/minute rate for these visitations. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact Jail Administration and/or Jane Wilson 913-573-5069.




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