The Wyandotte County Bar Association is deeply saddened and disturbed by the death of George Floyd. We stand united in condemnation of any form of racism or discrimination. Members of our community have suffered injustices from overt and implicit bias for far too long. We are committed to listening, learning, and progressing together as a community to root out institutional racism and prejudice.

harvesters smallCOVID-19 is a stark reminder of just how lucky many of us are. For those less fortunate, one of the most impactful things we can do right now is support our local food bank to make sure they have the resources to respond to the rapidly increasing demand. Please DONATE today. It’s a small act of kindness in these unprecedented times. Every $1 you donate helps Harvesters provide up to 3 meals. Together we can help make a difference for many.

The Kansas City legal community is once again coming together to help Harvesters fight hunger with a Virtual Food Drive. You should join us!  The Wyandotte County Bar Association is matching up to $500 in total member donations made between now and April 30.  Click here to donate and join the fight against hunger:  http://harvst.convio.net/site/TR/VFD/General?team_id=1940&pg=team&fr_id=1180

harvestors 460x290Each year, the Kansas City legal community comes together to help Harvester’s Community Food Network fight hunger in our area. From April 1-May 30 law firms and legal organizations raised money and volunteered at Harvester’s Volunteer Engagement Center.

At the end of the month long event, Harvester’s recognizes the law firms and organizations for their participation. A total of 25 groups were recognized for their efforts including the Wyandotte County Bar Association.

The WyCo Bar was recognized with the Silver Award for the second consecutive year. Only five other groups achieved a higher level of recognition this year.

The WyCo Bar volunteered by sorting and packing food items for Harvester’s backpack program. Through the program school children who need food over the weekend are sent home with a pack of food as school lunch is not provided Saturday and Sunday.

Throughout the month, the KC legal community helped Harvester’s provide 53,628 meals to those in need via cash and non-perishable food donations.

Effective Monday, November 4, 2019, several changes were be made to the entrance points of several of the downtown municipal office buildings. These changes were made to increase the security, accessibility and efficiency of these buildings. The following changes are in effect:

City Hall (701 N. 7th Street)

  • Public/ADA may enter through the front doors located on 7th Street
  • ADA/Wheelchair accessibility enter through the rear doors located between City Hall and the Health Department

Wyandotte County Courthouse (710 N. 7th Street)

  • Public/ADA may enter through the front doors located on 7th Street
  • ADA/Wheelchair accessibility enter through the south circle drive located on Barnett Ave.
  • The north circle drive entrance on Ann Avenue will be closed

Court Services Building (812 N. 7th Street)

  • Public/ADA may enter through the front doors located on 7th Street
  • ADA/Wheelchair accessibility enter through the north doors located on Armstrong Ave.

homewavAttorneys may now conduct non-monitored, non-recorded attorney/client visits via Homewav, the jail’s video visitation provider. These will be visits that attorneys can conduct remotely with their clients by use of the attorney’s iPad, tablet, computer or other electronic device. Keep in mind that, for the time being, although the visits will not be monitored or recorded, they will not be completely private, meaning that others within the inmate’s pod that happen to be standing around may be able to overhear what is said. This is because, at this point in time, the Homewav visitation kiosks are not enclosed but, rather, a standing unit in each of the pods. If these visitations gain traction with counsel, there is a possibility that the Sheriff’s Office will look at adding additional kiosks and then also enclosing some kiosks for full privacy in the pods for the attorney-client video visitations. At this point, the goal is to add some accessibility for attorneys to contact their clients housed in our facility, particularly in the early stages of the case.




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